How we make our cider (cyder)

How we make our Rough Old Wife cider


Our Apples - Hawkins Rough, Canterbury & West Kent Community Orchards

When do we make our cider?

Producing our Rough Old Wife cider takes place from late September to early in the New Year and depending upon ambient temperatures, fermentation can take until the following spring. It is a fun time as all the hard work transforms into monitoring the gently bubbling barrels.


Serving our ROW real cider

Depending on facilities or turnover in the licenses premises, our cider is served from an innovative bag in the box or manucube container on or behind the bar.

Both systems extend the shelf life to several weeks or months and are similar to the well accepted Australian wine box system & prevent the spoiling of our cider by excluding all air during draw-off, thus preventing airborne contamination or spoiling once opened.

Further Information on UK and World Cider and Cider / Cyder making can also be seen on the excellent write-up in Wikipedia

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"Dry and clear with a rich apple bouquet in aged Scottish whisky and oak barrels"

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Great Holt Farm, Elmsted, Ashford. Kent TN25 5JY

(Cidery visits by prior appointment)

Tel: Annie or Simon; Cidery +44 (0) 1227 700757 or Mobile (Simon) 07768 364353 Email:

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French translation webpages - Rough Old Wife Cidre
Dutch Translation - Rough Old Wife Cider

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In the Eastern Counties - Sussex up to Norfolk and our area, Kent, - the tradition for cider is to use a mixture of eating and cooking apples with the greater the variety of apples used, the better as they all have different characteristics and give a depth of flavour and sweet / acid balance which increases the interest of our ROW cider. We have a predominant mixture of Bramley's with Worcester, Cox and Crispin to add additional sweetness if required.

We let nature take its course and this means that our cider is ready the following year from around may onwards depending upon the temperatures.

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