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Great British Beer Festival - CAMRA

Great Holt Farm, Elmsted, Ashford. Kent TN25 5JY

(Cidery visits by prior appointment)

Tel: Annie or Simon; Cidery +44 (0) 1227 700757

or Mobile (Simon) 07768 364353 Email:

CAMRA Real Kent Cider campaign
Great British Beer Festival - CAMRA
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What the critics say:

“She may be rough but by god she tastes good!”

“Closing your eyes when drinking is a good start!”

“An easy pint to pull”

“A marriage of flavours that doesn’t require heaven”

“Gives mans best friend a close run”

“Put this down and nobody else will pick it up”

“Great head”

“When the going gets Rough….”

“Most interesting new cider" -Kent Beer Festival 2008

"Life's answer to P.C madness"

"Does not need a tin to let you know what it does"

"Highly recommended" - Dec 2008, WinoWeekly

"Something of the night" - certain local MP

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Rough Old Wife Cider

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Bramley Apple
            Association, Brammy Awards 2009, 200th anniversary


What the critics say:

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*2008,2009, 2010, 2013 Produced in Kent Finalist’s*


Coming more photos & videos from our regular festivals - Blushing Old Wife - Raspberry Cider proves a Kent Beer Festival favourite again!


"How many can you handle?!"


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"Dry to medium, clear with a rich apple bouquet

in aged Scottish whisky and oak barrels"


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